ATTN SELLERS: Phoenix & Scottsdale Loan Modification Scams: SELLER BEWARE!

OK, I've finally had it...  Time to get on my soapbox..AGAIN...  How many of you, in the last month, have seen an ad or received a letter in the mail for a so-called "Loan Modification Specialist"?  It's getting out of control, I know.  The ads are everywhere, and it makes me sick everytime I hear about another homeowner being taken advantage of by what I'll call the "Scum of the Earth".

When someone that is "upside-down" in their home calls me for advice, my first goal is to try to keep them in their home.  In doing so, I'm fully aware that if my advice keeps them in their home, I get paid NOTHING!  Still, I liken it to the old story about the Lion with the thorn in his foot.  Based on experience, I've found  that if I can help someone in need, it will come back to benefit me down the road (this is why I'm still in business after so many years, while others, well....they're not). 

Thank Goodness, the local press in Phoenix has recently picked up on some of these Scumbags that are taking advantage of homeowners that are in dire need of assistance and advice.  For those of you "old-timer" Phoenicians, you'll appreciate this...  Kent Dana recently reported on this fraudulent activity on KPHO right here in Phoenix.  I don't know about you, but I always listen to Kent :).  Anyways, I thought this report was worth watching, and I think you will too.  Click on the "Kent Dana" sentence above to see what I'm talking about.

Like any other Real Estate Business Owner, I'm always trying to "get a leg up" on the competition.  I pay for internet ad placement, newspaper ads, and the like (just like everyone else).  Time and time again, I'm competing with many of these firms that claim to be "Loan Modification Experts" or "Loan Modification Specialists".  Many of them are what my grandfather always called "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing".  Some claim to be Licensed Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Former Mortgage Brokers, etc.  The bottom line is this...IF ANYONE EVER ASKS FOR YOU TO PAY THEM UPFRONT, BUYER BEWARE!!!!   I can't stress this enough, and I hope this news clip helps you understand what I'm talking about.

News Agencies throughout this country are writing stories daily about Loan Modification Scams.  Please visit our website, and click on Breaking News Blog for more details.

Thanks again for checking in on the blog.  I'll post more bulletins/articles as I get them!  Until then, take care!  If you want to be notified by email everytime I post a blog, simply SIGN UP FOR MY BLOG.  That way, you get an email everytime I post something new!

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